Kollane lamineeritud vineer Probex2-Yellow-Mel3-YEllow-Mel
Kollane lamineeritud vineer Probex2-Yellow-Mel3-YEllow-Mel

Yellow Film Faced Plywood

High-quality birch plywood covered with a yellow color durable phenolic or melamine coating. We can offer this material with three different coatings: smooth / wiremesh / hexa. Waterproof (WBP) glue is used for gluing plywood layers, which makes yellow film faced plywood very suitable for use even in humid conditions.

Yellow laminated plywood is widely used in production of children’s furniture, construction of children’s playgrounds, as well as in various interior design projects.

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Intense color, durable film cover

Phenolic “Yellow” 167 g/m2 Melamine “Yellow” 240 g/m2
  • 100% birch veneer
  • glue type: Exterior (WBP)
  • high durability
  • Intense color

Technical specifications

Sizes mm 1250×2500
Thicknesses mm 6 – 30 mm
Surface type smooth/smooth (F/F), smooth/wiremesh (F/W)
Surface color yellow
Film density 167 g/m2; 240 g/m2
Edge sealing unpainted


  • Playgrounds and sports equipment
  • Public spaces
  • Farm houses
  • Interior design elements

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